[arkakama]SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle - CHACOAL x IVORY
[arkakama]SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle - CHACOAL x IVORY
[arkakama]SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle - CHACOAL x IVORY
[arkakama]SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle - CHACOAL x IVORY


[arkakama]SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle - CHACOAL x IVORY

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arkakama SPD LEGGINGS ▲ Triangle --CHACOAL x IVORY

▲ Print, which is also the representative print of arkakama. The design is popular because it is modern, but it also feels cute like a toy piece lined up by children.

The two-piece striped pants have a Saruel-like silhouette, which is the mainstream design for sensitive kids brands.

The slightly dull white base and black have an Arkakama taste to match with the earth color.

The thickness of the fabric is solid, the stretch is effective and it is durable, so it seems that you can play hard with these pants without tingling ♪ The fabric feels like it can be worn regardless of the season, so you can wear it until it is out of size.

-- NOTICE --
▲ At arakama, the base is hand-dyed by craftsmen to give it a texture. We perform hand printing on silk screen. Therefore, there may be some color skipping, color unevenness, and color differences. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

▲ We are trying to bring it closer to the actual color, The actual color may differ depending on your PC environment. Thank you for your understanding


XS (1Y) / Total length 47.5cm Waist 42cm (rubber) Inseam 26cm
S (2-3Y) / Total length 53cm Waist 44cm (rubber) Inseam 29.5cm
M (4-5Y) / Total length 58cm Waist 46cm (rubber) Inseam 33.5cm
L (6-7Y) / Total length 68cm Waist 49cm (rubber) Inseam 44cm

- 95% cotton 5% spandex
- made in China